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This is my first posting and while I am really making sure that I am getting everything setup properly - I also wanted to share a quick background about me.

I have been a Sales Engineer/Solution Consultant/Solution Architect for two other companies (Kapow and Ektron).   Kapow has one of the coolest technologies on the planet!   And, as I learn more about EPiServer - I am impressed by the differences between the two products.

Throughout my career I have also built, webmastered and managed several websites:

Special Interest (most recent) (and others within the Variety Entertainment Group)

Fortune 500 (John Deere's Dealer Network Website) (Ryder's Reservation System Website)

  US Navy's Human System Integration Website
  US Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Training Website

Small Business
  Celebrate Communications, LLC
  Interactive Technology Group, Inc.
  SmartInternet, Inc.

.. and others

I have a passion for working with a prospective customer, understanding their needs, pains, and desires for using web technologies and also configuring solutions that will help them realize a return for their investment.


06 April 2012



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I am a Solution Architect (US/West Coast) and I work out of the Beverly Hills Office.



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