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PowerShell for EPiServer – cheat sheet – Part 2

by: Adam Najmanowicz (Cognifide)

  Most of this post is also based on the Microsoft’s Windows PowerShell Quick Reference however despite the sharing scripting runtimes the nature of the both shells differ considerably as described in the previous post: PowerShell for EPiServer –... [ Read full article ]

10 May 2011  0 Comments

Easy Enum property for EPiServer

by: Adam Najmanowicz (Cognifide)

One of the most frequently and eagerly used programming constructs of the Microsoft.Net Framework is Enum. There are several interesting features that make it very compelling to use to for all kinds of dropdowns and checklists: The bounds factor –... [ Read full article ]

26 December 2009  0 Comments

Advanced Language Manipulation Tool for EPiServer

by: Adam Najmanowicz (Cognifide)

Have you ever (or have your customers) created and edited a page in one language only to realize that their selected locale was wrong? Have you ever wished you could delete a master language branch of a page  after creating its localized counterpa... [ Read full article ]

06 April 2009  0 Comments

Get out of my way! … or the story of file metadata for VirtualPathProvider in EPiServer

by: Adam Najmanowicz (Cognifide)

Immediately after you implement the VirtualPathProvider proxy from my previous post you will notice a one fairly serious lack in it. Namely all the files within that provider will be hiding behind the registration form. That is not cool for a coup... [ Read full article ]

17 March 2009  0 Comments

EPiServer property getter cleaner-upper

by: Adam Najmanowicz (Cognifide)

Just a daily time saver, for reuse at another time. Any old time windows developer, will remember the fun of using the ini files with GetPrivateProfileString . As much as ini files sucked there is one nice aspect of that call - you can setup a... [ Read full article ]

14 November 2007  0 Comments

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