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Custom Property: Category Drop Down

by: Allan Thræn

Here's a request I've heard a couple of times: A DropDownList Property Control, with content that editors / administrators can control. There's a built-in property control (AppConfigSettings), that can show a DDL, but it's based on settings in... [ Read full article ]

14 March 2008  2 Comments

Blog Template for EPiServer CMS 4

by: Allan Thræn

The old Research Team site isn't completely dead yet. It's still getting expanded with new cool freebies for EPiServer CMS 4. Just now, Ruwen and I published a set of nice Blog templates for v.4, which makes it easy to build your own blog, complet... [ Read full article ]

06 March 2008  5 Comments

When and Where to attach DataFactory Event Handlers

by: Allan Thræn

This is a classic problem with a lot of solutions: You're building a fancy plug-in for your favorite CMS (EPiServer of course), trying to fulfill your lifelong ambition to become an EPiServer MVP , when you suddenly realize that you your plugin to... [ Read full article ]

06 March 2008  3 Comments

Customizing XForms Appearance - The Easy Way

by: Allan Thræn

Yesterday I was assisting a partner in setting up a simple "Subscribe" xform on a customer web site. It was a fairly simple setup: An input-text box for the email (validating as email), and a submit button, that should store the email in the... [ Read full article ]

06 March 2008  4 Comments

Hint: The Mysterious Tilde

by: Allan Thræn

Here's a typical rookie mistake that can even puzzle experienced developers from time to time. When working with EPiServer CMS 5 you can get quite used to using the tilde character ("~") in various URL's. When you are coding against a web... [ Read full article ]

06 March 2008  2 Comments

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