Blog entries posted during June 2008

#EPiCode through

by: Allan Thræn

Since the well-renowned channel #epicode has already risen to star status and is popular among EPiServer tourists and old-fashioned IRC cowboys, I've taken the liberty of adding an Ajax client right here on Labs! Enjoy! [ Read full article ]

24 June 2008  1 Comments

How to check if a Property is marked as Searchable

by: Allan Thræn

A couple of times I've been asked how to check if a property on a page is set to be Searchable. It can be very handy to know, if you are making a search engine integration - or any other kind of textual processing of EPiServer CMS content, for tha... [ Read full article ]

23 June 2008  1 Comments

Multiple Templates for a PageType

by: Allan Thræn

It looks like a Dev / Partner summit is the perfect birthplace for ideas to grow. Here is yet another idea that grew out of discussions with partners, eMVPs and other Guru's at the summit: It could be cool to have multiple renderings (templates) f... [ Read full article ]

10 June 2008  3 Comments

What a Summit!

by: Allan Thræn

So, now 3 days of learning, mingling and partying is over - and although exhausted I'm still high after attending such a great EPiServer Partner / Developer summit. It was really a pleasure to see and meet so many old and new friends, partners,... [ Read full article ]

01 June 2008  0 Comments

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