Blog entries posted during January 2009

Neat Trick: Modifying Edit Mode Tabs

by: Allan Thræn

Last week Johan Olofsson showed me a cool trick that I figured should be passed on. It’s a fun little hack that I’ve already found useful a number of times. Problem: You are annoyed with main tabs in edit mode (“View”, “Edit”, …). Maybe you want... [ Read full article ]

30 January 2009  1 Comments

Insert Flash elements in the Editor as Dynamic Content

by: Allan Thræn

Here’s just a quick little piece of Dynamic Content I threw together yesterday together with a partner. It’s for when you want editors to be able to insert flash elements directly in XHTML fields. A bit like inserting images – except that instead ... [ Read full article ]

30 January 2009  7 Comments

Automatically Load Property Types as Dynamic Content

by: Allan Thræn

Dynamic Content is cool! Really cool. However, even good things can always get better. Back in october last year I wrote about how to automatically register dynamic content by attaching an attribute (like all other plugins in EPiServer)... [ Read full article ]

26 January 2009  2 Comments

Nice shortcut: EPiServer Dev Search

by: Allan Thræn

Back in february 2007, I started a custom google search , indexing all the EPiServer related tech-sites I could find. Since then, I use it several times a day – and I’ve kept expanding it when new bloggers / sites turned up (now 30+). I can see in... [ Read full article ]

21 January 2009  2 Comments

Adding a Property to ALL Pagetypes

by: Allan Thræn

I just got a question on how to make sure that a given property existed (or was created) on all page types that the editor could use – even if new page types were to be created. As I’ve been unable to find any event that is fired when a new PageTy... [ Read full article ]

20 January 2009  3 Comments

Fun with the Mapped Page Provider

by: Allan Thræn

Here’s two more small code samples I did in less than 30 min. based on the Mapped Page Provider .   Filesystem Page Provider This provider will expose folder on the file-system as pages in EPiServer CMS 5 R2. public class FileProvider :... [ Read full article ]

20 January 2009  0 Comments

Mapped Page Provider

by: Allan Thræn

UPDATE 2009-11-02: This code for this project has now been moved to CodePlex . Until now, my favorite new feature in EPiServer CMS 5 R2 is the ability to attach custom page providers ( [ Read full article ]

20 January 2009  12 Comments

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