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EPiServer Tweetup at PDC09

by: Allan Thræn

A number of EPiServer Developers are attending PDC and I am trying to arrange a social event for everybody interested in EPiServer that are attending PDC09. This means you, if you are an EPiServer employee, EPiServer Partner, EPiServer customer or... [ Read full article ]

13 November 2009  1 Comments

Trends in Web Content Management

by: Allan Thræn

After a couple of weeks of attending various web content management conferences ( GilbaneSF and Web Content in Chicago ) and talking to a lot of people more clever than I, I figured that a summarizing blog post might be in order. These are some of... [ Read full article ]

21 June 2009  4 Comments

Guest Author:"Application is busy under initialization phase"

by: Allan Thræn

Again , I've been reckless enough to lend out blog-space to a bright developer. This time it's Thomas Fritzen from the  partner, Creuna . Here is his post:   The following has been experience on EPiServer 5.1.422.269 While developing a medium size... [ Read full article ]

12 December 2008  2 Comments

What a Summit!

by: Allan Thræn

So, now 3 days of learning, mingling and partying is over - and although exhausted I'm still high after attending such a great EPiServer Partner / Developer summit. It was really a pleasure to see and meet so many old and new friends, partners,... [ Read full article ]

01 June 2008  0 Comments

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