Whats wrong with this picture

  Take a look at this picture. Can someone please explain me why PropertyLink CollectionControl is internal !!!. There is no reason I can think of. If there are some voodoo inside you don’t want us to play with you can mark those fields and... [ Read full article ]

15 March 2010  4 Comments


Change the edit page for the editors

There are times when you would like to group some of the episerver properties together for the editors. There are many ways of doing this. One way is how Per Nergård does it. But if you extend his thoughts you can get results like this: or you can... [ Read full article ]

07 March 2010  2 Comments


One page - Many fathers: a solution using EPiServer Events

In a tree structured CMS system where all pages have only one father there are times when you would like to display one page in different places. And you even would like to make the same page appear to the end user as 2 different pages,with 2... [ Read full article ]

16 February 2010  30 Comments

Itera.DynamicDataEdit v0.1 - Edit your objects with EPiServer Properties

I have had a lot of fun looking around in the inner workings of the new Dynamic Data Store. The concept is brilliant and can be used in a lot of different ways. My Itera.MultiProperty was one way of grouping and using properties in other places th... [ Read full article ]

06 February 2010  2 Comments


Itera.Media a easy solution for media files

How many times have you made a property called IntroImage and used that to display an intro image on a page? Then how often have you gotten a question about how do we add a flash, or can we have this image a bit smaller/larger on a particular page... [ Read full article ]

30 October 2009  6 Comments

EPiTrace logger