Blog entries posted during October 2008

User control as a Property

by: Anders Hattestad

After I did the selector for master pages I thought about how this could be applied to other areas in EPiServer. One thing with EPiServer I don’t like is that you have a lot of page types with only one purpose and often used only one time. So if I... [ Read full article ]

24 October 2008  13 Comments


How to use Attributtes to dynamically let editors change MasterPage on your EPiServer-site

by: Anders Hattestad

I like to dynamically add and remove features from my EPiServer sites.  When i make some new features i try to make them not strict to know implementions, and are using Attributtes as a way to retrive future implementions. Yesterday i needed to ge... [ Read full article ]

23 October 2008  1 Comments

Properties in CMS 5

by: Anders Hattestad

Problem: How to create a EPiServer property which contains other EpiServer properties. Why: Most properties in EPiServer are pretty specialized and are often depended on each other to make the page show correctly. some uses of a MultiProperty  are... [ Read full article ]

20 October 2008  35 Comments

EPiTrace logger