Blog entries posted during October 2009

Itera.Media a easy solution for media files

by: Anders Hattestad

How many times have you made a property called IntroImage and used that to display an intro image on a page? Then how often have you gotten a question about how do we add a flash, or can we have this image a bit smaller/larger on a particular page... [ Read full article ]

30 October 2009  6 Comments

LanguageManager using DynamicDataStore

by: Anders Hattestad

I have looked forward to the new propertbag concept in CMS6. I have always wanted a store for different kind of data/settings that are not pages. One area I find troublesome is the language xml files. If you have more than one server you need to... [ Read full article ]

22 October 2009  1 Comments

EPiTrace logger