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New module: Hattis.PropertyAdapters

by: Anders Hattestad

There are several ways of changing properties in EPiServer. PropertyAdaperts is one way, and I have made some of them here. I make heavy use of Hattis.Config to let the administrators turn on and off feature. Mr Nyström had a blog with 15 wishes .... [ Read full article ]

15 April 2009  1 Comments

Change LinkCollection with PropertyDataControlAdapter

by: Anders Hattestad

Recently Steve made me aware of PropertyDataControlAdapter and how you could use it to change the edit mode of a property. We are in a process of cleaning up the editor interface and come across a perfect place to use my new knowledge. When you us... [ Read full article ]

01 April 2009  6 Comments

Category - more than labeling

by: Anders Hattestad

Have any of you used categories to categorized the content of the site? I guess not. When the category structure contains more than 20 element it gets almost impossible to navigate and use the category tree. My guess is that most of you uses the... [ Read full article ]

21 March 2009  7 Comments

Show value of a inherit property in Edit mode

by: Anders Hattestad

EpiServer have some cool features when it comes too properties and inherits. There are several ways the inherit can come from. If a page is on two languages, the not language depended fields from the master page will be inherit to the language... [ Read full article ]

27 January 2009  6 Comments

EPiTrace logger