Jumping on the page type bandwagon

With the sun shining and the thermometer approaching body temperature I thought it was god time to have some fun. Quick from thought to action I fired up my trusty black warrior to explore another white spot on the map. My objective for the day wa... [ Read full article ]

17 July 2009  4 Comments

Zip Installer

The upcoming SP1 release of EPiServer CMS R2 will be accompanied by a long lost friend. The Zip Installer. Since many of her pals have been missing her and wondered about her well-beeing we thought to invite her back to join our new home. She did... [ Read full article ]

14 January 2009  7 Comments

R2 and unit testing

I've been exploring the unit testing story in the latest EPiServer release and so far I've been pleasantly surprised. R2 brings some improvements in this respect. Most of the time I can execute my tests without chatting with the database or faking... [ Read full article ]

16 October 2008  2 Comments

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