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by: Dan Matthews

Historically we've been seen as a Microsoft shop within the UK eBusiness division - quite rightly too. As part of the wider B&D group though we have a lot of experience in the Java/Open Source arena to bring to the party as well. For example,... [ Read full article ]

08 October 2007  0 Comments

EPiServer Subscriptions after import

by: Dan Matthews

If you find that your EPiServer subscriptions stop firing after an export/import, you may need to reset the root node for the subscription. Typically, your subscription history will show '0 subscription templates found'. To fix this, go to your... [ Read full article ]

14 September 2007  0 Comments

MCTS - MOSS 2007

by: Dan Matthews

Well the cram fest paid off - now the MCTS in config. and admin. of MOSS 2007 is under my belt too. Now to put this into practice, but before that I have to tie off an EPiServer project and also get stuck into an ADXSTUDIO one! [ Read full article ]

12 September 2007  0 Comments

EPiTrace showing 'Flash 8 required' error

by: Dan Matthews

So you've seen EPiTrace  and very nice it is too. Especially as it's free. You've probably played with the live demo, downloaded it, followed the install instructions, created an EPiTrace page and voila! You got the following message: Flash 8... [ Read full article ]

15 August 2007  0 Comments

Admin CSS in EPiServer

by: Dan Matthews

Well I've been doing loads of pre-sales recently which has kept me off the development track - a necessary evil really. Thought I'd share a quick learning with you about a problem that sometimes happens with the Admin CSS in EPiServer. On a projec... [ Read full article ]

14 August 2007  0 Comments

EPiServer logon error

by: Dan Matthews

When using EPiServer, especially when using it on a local dev PC, you may get an error such as: " The trust relationship between the primary domain and the trusted domain failed " EPiServer have a post about the error here , but they are only... [ Read full article ]

18 July 2007  0 Comments

.NET version error when installing EPiServer

by: Dan Matthews

You may see an error when installing EPiServer using EPiManager 1.3.2: "This setup requires the .NET Framework version 2.0.50727..." Which is fine... except that if you ONLY have .NET 2.0 installed and not .NET 1.1, then you still get the error! I... [ Read full article ]

09 July 2007  0 Comments

EPiServer 4.6.x and SQL Server Express 2005

by: Dan Matthews

...and straight off I have something to share with you :) If you're installing using EPiServer manager and using SQL Server 2005 Express, you need to be aware of the following, otherwise you get all sorts of 'SQL Server unavailable' and user... [ Read full article ]

06 June 2007  0 Comments

Dan Matthews

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I am currently working as a Technical Architect for EPiServer South Africa.

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Outside of work, I am mostly trying to make time be a Dad to my son and a husband to a very busy mum. Apart from that, I love playing soccer and watching sport - especially anything involving England and South Africa.



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