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Google Translate and .NET

by: Dan Matthews

Google have released a lovely little API for their Google Translate service. It uses a RESTful interface and returns a JSON object in the HTTP Response. The usual way to use this would be AJAX-style in client side JavaScript. This might not always... [ Read full article ]

20 May 2008  0 Comments

Dan Matthews

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I am currently working as a Technical Architect for EPiServer South Africa.

I work with partners finding innovative ways to give their customers the Content Managed solution that fits their business processes. Over 15 years of programming experience has shown me that you don't solve problems by simply throwing the best new technology at it!

Outside of work, I am mostly trying to make time be a Dad to my son and a husband to a very busy mum. Apart from that, I love playing soccer and watching sport - especially anything involving England and South Africa.



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