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EPiServer/SharePoint Videos Part #3

by: Dan Matthews

The final part of the EPiServer/SharePoint presentation is ready. This part looks beyond the out-the-box capabilities of EPiServer Connect for SharePoint and investigates the ability of EPiServer to integrate with a MOSS Publishing site using a... [ Read full article ]

30 June 2009  2 Comments

EPiServer/SharePoint Videos Part #2

by: Dan Matthews

I have completed parts 4 and 5 of my presentation. These look at the Web Parts that ship with EPiServer Connect for SharePoint and also at Custom Page Providers and integrating them with EPiServer/SharePoint. The links are on my original post, whi... [ Read full article ]

25 June 2009  1 Comments

EPiServer/SharePoint Videos Part #1

by: Dan Matthews

UPDATE: added new videos and re-recorded and re-encoded all videos as hi-res and optimised for smaller file size I have been busy recording a series of videos demonstrating the capability of the EPiServer Connector for SharePoint . They are now... [ Read full article ]

24 June 2009  4 Comments

Using Relate+ Videos Offline

by: Dan Matthews

Recently I’ve been building a Relate+ demo site and one of things I did was upload a couple of videos. Relate+ has a nice feature where it takes your videos and uploads them to the Internet in a proper web format, so that your users can play them... [ Read full article ]

29 May 2009  0 Comments


Think About It, Think, Think About It

by: Dan Matthews

or “spinning around how companies see the Web” I have found myself saying the same thing a heck of a lot lately, and so I thought I’d blog about it to see who else has been having the same kind of conversations. It’s a bit of a blast from the past... [ Read full article ]

18 May 2009  7 Comments

MOSS in perfect harmony

by: Dan Matthews

There’s a common misconception that Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) and EPiServer CMS are products that are in direct competition. This is far from the case, and I’d really like to explain why because the two can work together to ma... [ Read full article ]

11 May 2009  4 Comments

Entry vs. Enterprise Comparison

by: Dan Matthews

I’ve been asked a few times what the difference is between the Entry and Enterprise license for the core CMS product and whether an upgrade path is available between the two. The simple answer is that Entry is for single sites which are not... [ Read full article ]

06 May 2009  7 Comments

And they're off!

by: Dan Matthews

The great EPiServer Geocache Race ‘09 has started! You might be wondering what on earth a Geocache is and what it’s got to do with racing. Or EPiServer, for that matter… Geocaching is a worldwide hobby which is like a high-tech treasure hunt. Ther... [ Read full article ]

04 May 2009  1 Comments

A voyage with the SharePoint Connector

by: Dan Matthews

Last week I had to set up a demo to a potential partner to show how EPiServer can be used to pull information together within an Enterprise and expose it in different ways. After giving it some thought, I decided that the best way to show this wou... [ Read full article ]

14 April 2009  14 Comments

Six Steps to EPiStore Success

by: Dan Matthews

Christmas seems to have come early! EPiServer is releasing a number of great products including Relate+, but as Santa does his rounds there is one nice little module that seems to have been overlooked when the presents were given out. EPiStore is ... [ Read full article ]

18 March 2009  0 Comments

Dude, where's my Management Studio?

by: Dan Matthews

I suspect I’m not the first developer to install Visual Web Developer 2008 Express with SQL Server 2008 Express and then play hunt-the-Management Studio with my Start menu. After some digging it becomes apparent it’s not there. No problem – just... [ Read full article ]

13 March 2009  8 Comments

Pastures new...

by: Dan Matthews

My time at Interakting / Business & Decision has come to an end and I am emigrating to South Africa in order to work with the EPiServer office in Cape Town. I'll make sure that all my blog posts here are kept up as long as possible, and be assured... [ Read full article ]

09 February 2009  0 Comments

Error 0x80070003 when installing an EPiServer Site

by: Dan Matthews

I was recently working with a client to deploy an EPiServer site and we came across a rather strange problem. The EPiServer Manager installed fine, but when I tried to set up a web site (with a database or not it doesn't matter) we were getting th... [ Read full article ]

30 January 2009  0 Comments

The EPiServer 'triangle'

by: Dan Matthews

I've been thinking a bit about why EPiServer hits the 'sweet spot' for companies so nicely, and I think maybe the answer lies in its balance of feature coverage and market position. It knows where its strong point is - Content Management - but... [ Read full article ]

16 January 2009  0 Comments

Dan Matthews

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I am currently working as a Technical Architect for EPiServer South Africa.

I work with partners finding innovative ways to give their customers the Content Managed solution that fits their business processes. Over 15 years of programming experience has shown me that you don't solve problems by simply throwing the best new technology at it!

Outside of work, I am mostly trying to make time be a Dad to my son and a husband to a very busy mum. Apart from that, I love playing soccer and watching sport - especially anything involving England and South Africa.



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