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Is EpiServer a hard-shelled clam or what?

by: Adam Najmanowicz (Cognifide)

As much as I seem to be enjoying my trip with EpiServer there are some little things I don’t seem to appreciate all that much and I’m not quite sure how to work around some of them in an elegant way. EpiServer has a fairly advanced way of dealing... [ Read full article ]

30 August 2007  0 Comments

EPiTrace showing 'Flash 8 required' error

by: Dan Matthews

So you've seen EPiTrace  and very nice it is too. Especially as it's free. You've probably played with the live demo, downloaded it, followed the install instructions, created an EPiTrace page and voila! You got the following message: Flash 8... [ Read full article ]

15 August 2007  0 Comments

Admin CSS in EPiServer

by: Dan Matthews

Well I've been doing loads of pre-sales recently which has kept me off the development track - a necessary evil really. Thought I'd share a quick learning with you about a problem that sometimes happens with the Admin CSS in EPiServer. On a projec... [ Read full article ]

14 August 2007  0 Comments



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