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Waiting for Rosario

by: Per Bjurström

There are so many great features coming in Microsoft Team Foundation Server "Rosario" . Here are some of the most promising ones:   Historical debugger A new window that tracks what happens in the application when you debug, kind of a callstack on... [ Read full article ]

29 May 2008  0 Comments


EPiServer Language Selector

by: Paul Bradley ( Interakting )

Today I needed to create a UserControl to allow a user to select to view the current page from a list of enabled languages. To begin with I thought it would be a fairly easy task, by simply calling GetLanguageBranches() in the DataFactory class.... [ Read full article ]

28 May 2008  0 Comments

Access Dynamic Properties when PageData is writable

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

One of the big changes between EPiServer CMS 4 and 5 is the handling of PageData instances and Dynamic Properties (read Inherited Property) in the cache. I was reminded of this when I created a custom property and needed access to a Dynamic Proper... [ Read full article ]

28 May 2008  0 Comments

EPiServer CMS4, Editor, EditMenuName and a Property

by: Øyvind Wabakken Hognestad

Well, some of us still have customers working with EPiServer CMS4. In EPiServer CMS5 the possibility to change the stylesheet with a dynamic property is well documented (search for uiEditorCssPaths in the sdk), but for CMS4 this feature is not ver... [ Read full article ]

27 May 2008  0 Comments


Performance tweak: Bulk creation of pages in EPiServer CMS 5

by: Per Bjurström

So, you are creating large amount of pages in code (1000+) and need to find ways of tweaking the performance? There is currently in EPiServer CMS 5 (SP2) a performance booster that you can use: Set PageData.UrlSegment yourself. Why ? When EPiServe... [ Read full article ]

22 May 2008  1 Comments

Overriding subscription email formatting

by: Mari Jørgensen

  The SubscriptionMail class in the EPiServer.Personalization namespace is the default subscription handler in EPiServer CMS 5. Being a bit curious to how EPiServer generated the content of the subscription emails, I used .NET Reflector to... [ Read full article ]

21 May 2008  3 Comments

Google Translate and .NET

by: Dan Matthews

Google have released a lovely little API for their Google Translate service. It uses a RESTful interface and returns a JSON object in the HTTP Response. The usual way to use this would be AJAX-style in client side JavaScript. This might not always... [ Read full article ]

20 May 2008  0 Comments

The not so mysterious problem with WebResource.axd

by: Per Bjurström

Please read this post by Fredrik for the background. There is also a thread in the EPiServer forums here . So, this problem got highest priority due to a increasing number of customers experiencing this problem. I've been live debugging EPiServer... [ Read full article ]

14 May 2008  14 Comments

Drag and drop communities

by: Martin Stenke ( DropIT )

EPiServers recent acquisition of Netstar creates new opportunities for building communities on the CMS platform. But as you know, we like to take things to another level. Which is exactly what we are going to do by integrating Star Commnuity with... [ Read full article ]

07 May 2008  0 Comments

Performance tweak: Optimizing StaticFileHandler in EPiServer CMS 5 (part 2)

by: Per Bjurström

This is a update to my previous post . EPiServer CMS 5 Release 2 will support kernel-mode response caching when you enable expirationTime on a VPP in web.config. Kernel mode response caching is handled by http.sys which is the HTTP protocol stack ... [ Read full article ]

06 May 2008  2 Comments

New and updated modules on EPiCode

by: RockViggo

The EPiCode project is stronger than ever and 3 new modules have found its way to "Community source code heaven". The latest addition is a module from Henrik Nyström called PageTreeIcons . I have written a blog post on EPiCode about the feature li... [ Read full article ]

02 May 2008  0 Comments



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