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Finally a Task Board from Conchango

by: Per Bjurström

Just read this story (via Mathias O ): Task Board for Team System is an interactive desktop utility that interfaces with Team Foundation Server projects created from version 2 of the Scrum for Team System process template. It enables you and your... [ Read full article ]

30 July 2008  2 Comments

PlugIns and DataFactory Event Handlers

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

Inspired by great post of Allan Thraen about When and Where to attach DataFactory Event Handlers I decided to keep digging into this subject. What seems really cool about it is that you can attach to DataFactory events and moreover you can do it i... [ Read full article ]

28 July 2008  0 Comments

Create a custom URL rewrite provider for EPiServer

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

Post explaining how to implement a custom URL rewrite provider in EPiServer by inheriting the FriendlyUrlRewriteProvider class and customizing its behavior. [ Read full article ]

24 July 2008  0 Comments

Implementing a custom URL rewrite provider for EPiServer

by: Ted Nyberg (Ted & Gustaf)

Introduction I'm a firm believer in avoiding querystring parameters in URLs, especially for public web sites. Security, SEO and esthetics are a few reasons why. Custom URL rewriting can help you avoid those ugly ampersands and question marks, even... [ Read full article ]

24 July 2008  9 Comments

Installation of EPiServer components

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

In a larger organization it can be cumbersome to explain for the editors how to install the EPiServer ActiveX controls that provides you with some extended functionality. Security restrictions can also be a problem for ActiveX controls. So why... [ Read full article ]

22 July 2008  0 Comments

Pimp up your search I

by: Allan Thræn

Let's face it, the EPiServer CMS built-in search isn't the best in the world. Neither is it intended to be - there are a lot of 3rd party search engines available for EPiServer that are great at what they are doing - and in general I highly... [ Read full article ]

21 July 2008  8 Comments

Simple search engine optimization for EPiServer

by: Jacob Khan

Search engine optimization is the practise of optimizing a site in order to get higher ranking on a search engine. The issue is often that steps to improve search engine ranking are done after the site is up and running. This blog post will go ove... [ Read full article ]

18 July 2008  2 Comments


Implementing the FCKEditor

by: Erik Nordin

One of our customers really needed an editor that would work for FireFox when they are Mac-users, so I tried to implement the FCKEditor which EPiServer has an howto about: [ Read full article ]

18 July 2008  0 Comments

Missing features of EPiServer

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

In our everyday work we encounter from time to time missing "things" in EPiServer which would make our life easier. I think it's worth talking about this stuff to let EPiServer team know that there is something on our wish list :) Sometimes it can... [ Read full article ]

14 July 2008  0 Comments


The One Minute Manager ... don’t miss it!

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

Have you ever been trying to figure out how people work best with other people? When they produce good results and are happy about their job, company and other people? If you are one of those who feel that this is important and interesting then I... [ Read full article ]

13 July 2008  0 Comments

Fooling around with .episerverdata files

by: Allan Thræn

Another question came up today where the answer might be useful to others. Scenario: You have only edit and admin-mode access to an existing EPiServer (4 or 5) installation and you need to programmatically extract the data from some of the pages i... [ Read full article ]

09 July 2008  1 Comments

EPiServer: ‘The virtual path could not be loaded’ error when registering Web Parts in admin mode

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

So you have created some web parts and they work fine on your test machine but when you want to register them on a test or production machine you only get a uninformative ‘The virtual path could not be loaded’. I guess you have already checked tha... [ Read full article ]

09 July 2008  0 Comments

Using Ajax in EPiServer CMS 5

by: Mari Jørgensen

  Here is a short description of  the minimal steps necessary in order to use Ajax in your EPiServer CMS 5 project. Note that in this case the Ajax controls where used in a custom property with no WebServices involved , i.e I haven't tested any... [ Read full article ]

09 July 2008  3 Comments

Output EPiServer Pages as PDF

by: Allan Thræn

Got a question today from a partner about how he could make a "Download this page as PDF" functionality on a customers web site. I suppose there's quite a lot of ways to do it (just as many as there are HTML -> PDF libraries out there) but I... [ Read full article ]

07 July 2008  2 Comments

Automatic index rebuild script

by: Per Bjurström

To speed up access to the data in SQL Server we use something called indexes, most of you probably know all about it. Indexes are B-tree structures that are extremely efficient for looking up data, consider the fact that looking up row based on a... [ Read full article ]

04 July 2008  13 Comments

PlugInSettings - Use this class if you wish to store simple relational data ...

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

Recently I had to create plugin for editors (EPiServer 5) which would allow them to change some internal settings. It's of course possible to create a new page type for that but it's not always the coolest approach. If the requirement is to provid... [ Read full article ]

02 July 2008  0 Comments

EPiPattern: DO & DONT with EPiServer Properties

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

This might be obvious stuff for most seasoned EPiServer developers but I still think it is worth blogging about because I see these dangerous mistakes whenever I do a code review of an EPiServer project. Null values Remember that all EPiServer... [ Read full article ]

02 July 2008  0 Comments

Grid Layout

by: Viktor Larsson (Victoria)

When starting out with a EPiServer project, this nifty little tool might come in handy: The Grid Layout Javascript enables web-developers to stick to a Grid Layout quickly and simply by including the Grid Layouts Javascript file and simple XHTML... [ Read full article ]

02 July 2008  0 Comments


Friendly URL with no rebasing

by: Johan Olofsson

I got a question regarding EPiServer CMS friendly url rewriting about wether it is possible to make the rewritten url's relative to the site's root rather than the context of the requested page. If you look at the html source for a page rendered b... [ Read full article ]

01 July 2008  2 Comments

Integrated authentication in Firefox

by: Per Bjurström

Using Firefox 3 with Scrum Dashboard and Team System Web Access is not a pleasant experience because Integrated Authentication is by default disabled resulting in login dialogs every time you fire up a new browser. You could use the IE Tab plug-in... [ Read full article ]

01 July 2008  0 Comments



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