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EPiServer code walkthrough #1 – 404 handler

by: Frederik Vig

This is the first post in a new series called “EPiServer code walkthrough”. What I’ll do is go through one new EPiServer module in each post. Writing a little about what it does, learn by reading its code, and hopefully contributing a little back ... [ Read full article ]

29 January 2010  0 Comments

PDF Snapshot

by: Allan Thræn

A quite common request I have heard a number of times is the need to take a snapshot of a web site and store it securely, in order to in the future be able to proof what was stated on the site at a given date. I know a number of EPiServer customer... [ Read full article ]

28 January 2010  3 Comments

Attaching a Page Provider programmatically

by: Allan Thræn

Configuration vs Code – it’s a classic dilemma. Both have their ups and downs. However, I am the kind of guy that tends to prefer code over configuration (you already guessed, I’m sure). Today I got a question if it’s possible to attach a page... [ Read full article ]

26 January 2010  0 Comments

Page Rating example using Page Objects

by: Paul Smith

At the EPiServer Techforum in Oslo last week, I showed a quick and dirty page rating feature for CMS 6 using Page Objects and Dynamic Content. The source code for that can be found here . The project consists of 3 class: The Rating object. This is... [ Read full article ]

24 January 2010  0 Comments

Thanks EPiServer Norway

by: Paul Smith

A big thanks to Göran and the team at EPiServer Norway for a great Techforum. My Twitter id is paulsmith_epi for those who asked. We appreciate all feedback we get both positive and constructive. If you have anything to say about the Dynamic Data... [ Read full article ]

22 January 2010  0 Comments

Virtual Roles and Visitor Segmentation

by: Allan Thræn

I just extended a little on the Virtual Roles Sample Pack project on Codeplex after Joe came to me with a challenge: “I want to push a personalized message on my web site to everyone who is an EPiServer Certified Developer and who have visited pag... [ Read full article ]

15 January 2010  2 Comments

A developer’s guide to PageTypeBuilder

by: Frederik Vig

Page Type Builder allows developers to define EPiServer page types in code which eliminates the need to synchronize page types between different servers. As page types are declared in code it also enables inheritance between page types and strongl... [ Read full article ]

15 January 2010  0 Comments

Using a DynamicDataStore instance correctly

by: Paul Smith

I’ve recently seen a couple of examples of code where the Dynamic Data Store (being released as part of CMS 6) has been used in a multithreaded environment (web app for example) in a singleton pattern, i.e. a single instance of a DynamicDataStore ... [ Read full article ]

15 January 2010  0 Comments

Building a Twitter Workflow

by: Allan Thræn

For a long time I’ve wanted to play more with Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) in conjunction with EPiServer, and today I finally did  it. And luckily it turned out to be a lot less scary than I had imagined. First of all, I decided to check out ... [ Read full article ]

06 January 2010  3 Comments

Getting a Page from a Guid

by: Allan Thræn

Here’s just a quick little code-hint. Sometimes it can be handy to retrieve a pagereference or a pagedata object from a guid. And it’s easily done using the PermanentLinkMapStore. See here: PermanentPageLinkMap map = PermanentLinkMapStore.Find(Pag... [ Read full article ]

06 January 2010  2 Comments

Saving Page Objects

by: Paul Smith

EPiServer CMS 6 introduces Page Objects. A Page Object is simply a .NET object that is created by the developer and then associated to an EPiServer CMS page via the EPiServer.Core.PageData.PageObjects collection. Saving Page Objects is a relativel... [ Read full article ]

05 January 2010  0 Comments



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