Blog entries posted during March 2010

Updated all EPiServer posts for EPiServer CMS 6

by: Frederik Vig

I’ve done a little spring cleaning, updating all EPiServer posts to now use EPiServer CMS 6, and making sure the code still works. I’ve also added the code for ShareIt and SlideShare Dynamic Content to EPiCode, and updated EPiCode.Extensions.... [ Read full article ]

28 March 2010  0 Comments

EPiServer CMS 6: SocketException with VPN

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

If you use new EPiServer CMS 6 and have a VPN tunnel open you may get an exception when starting your EPiServer site. SocketException (0x2747): An operation on a socket could not be performed because the system lacked sufficient buffer space or... [ Read full article ]

26 March 2010  0 Comments

TechDays: Dino Esposito’s ASP.NET 4.0 highlights

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

In short, ASP.NET 4.0, gives you more control. CSS friendly HTML from Server Controls by default. EnableViewState does not work as you expect in ASP.NET 2.0. With the new ViewStateMode property with values: Inherit, Enable and Disable you get what... [ Read full article ]

23 March 2010  0 Comments

Whats wrong with this picture

by: Anders Hattestad

  Take a look at this picture. Can someone please explain me why PropertyLink CollectionControl is internal !!!. There is no reason I can think of. If there are some voodoo inside you don’t want us to play with you can mark those fields and... [ Read full article ]

15 March 2010  4 Comments


Configuration Management and EPiServer CMS 6

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

This blog post is based on the experience of upgrading one EPiServer CMS 5 project and creating a new one from scratch based on a release candidate of EPiServer CMS 6 and things may change before the release. New configuration files Web.config... [ Read full article ]

10 March 2010  0 Comments

EPiServer – Security and Access Control (1/2)

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

EPiServer CMS is using the standard methods in ASP.NET to handle authentication and authorization. On top of this they have added a few providers to handle authentication and access control to EPiServer assets like pages and files uploaded by... [ Read full article ]

08 March 2010  0 Comments

Change the edit page for the editors

by: Anders Hattestad

There are times when you would like to group some of the episerver properties together for the editors. There are many ways of doing this. One way is how Per Nergård does it. But if you extend his thoughts you can get results like this: or you can... [ Read full article ]

07 March 2010  2 Comments


Reset Trial Counter for Protexis Licensing V2

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

It is annoying when a trial expires before you had time testing the software. Sometimes it is just enough to reinstall to get a new trial period but usually they hide the information so it is persistent. I used Sysinternal’s Process Monitor to fin... [ Read full article ]

04 March 2010  0 Comments



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