SecurityDescriptor for access rights checking

As Steve points out in his article "Breaking Change in R2 Might Affect Security" there has been some changes on the security control when it comes to fetching a single page. He also gives a simple solution to that problem: " From now on, you need ... [ Read full article ]

16 October 2008  2 Comments

Don't forget Wildcard Mapping

After my previous post on how to install EPiServer on Windows Server 2008 by using EpiServer Manager i've got some questions on how to fix images to appear. You shouldn't forget to set the Wildcard Script Map. Here is the step by step procedure: 1... [ Read full article ]

11 June 2008  1 Comments

How to install EPiServer from the EPiServer Manager on Windows Server 2008

Update - 16/10/2008: this article was written in march when EPiServer did not support IIS7 which means Vista and Windows Server 2008. For all of you insterested to install EPiServer on you Vista or Windows Server 2008 machines I strongly reccomend... [ Read full article ]

05 March 2008  6 Comments

EPiTrace logger