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EPiServer:PageList with ItemDataBound

by: Erik Nordin

In my last post I explained how you can extend your episerver:pagelist with your own templates (i.e. SelectedItemTemplate, AlternatingItemTemplate). In this post I will show you how to extend your PageList so you can use ItemDataBound. This is ver... [ Read full article ]

19 December 2008  0 Comments

EPiServer:PageList with SelectedItemTemplate

by: Erik Nordin

This is a quick guide how to extend EPiServer:PageList with a SelectedItemTemplate. This is a good start if you want to try to extend it with a SeparatorTemplate or something more spectacular. 1. Create a class I.e. PageList.cs, a recommendation i... [ Read full article ]

02 December 2008  0 Comments

Add property to multiple page types

by: Erik Nordin

How fun is it when you realize that you have to add a property to 20 different page types? Been there done that. So today when I realized that I had to do it again I wrote an admin plugin instead. With this plugin you can create a new property jus... [ Read full article ]

14 October 2008  0 Comments

Extension Methods in .NET 3

by: Erik Nordin

I really love Extension methods released in .NET 3. Here are two simple, but useful examples: This method will add a default text to your textbox, the text will be removed when the user focus the textbox, and if if it's emtpy onblur, the default... [ Read full article ]

09 September 2008  0 Comments

Implementing the FCKEditor

by: Erik Nordin

One of our customers really needed an editor that would work for FireFox when they are Mac-users, so I tried to implement the FCKEditor which EPiServer has an howto about: [ Read full article ]

18 July 2008  0 Comments

Using XForms to store information

by: Erik Nordin

At the moment I'm adding some functionallity to, so that a visitor can add products, that aren't in the regular assortment, to a cart and by a simple click send this cart by fax to the closest Systembolag. A pretty nice feature. The... [ Read full article ]

27 June 2008  0 Comments

MultiPage Property to EPiServer 5

by: Erik Nordin

I know there is a great MultiPage Property on EPiCode, but sometimes I want to use a bit more simple MultiPage picker, and not be able to choose to link documents and other pages etc. So when I had some spare time a few weeks ago, I wrote my own... [ Read full article ]

25 June 2008  0 Comments

EPiServer 4.6x, Friendly URL and Windows Vista / IIS7

by: Erik Nordin

Got so frustrated yesterday that I hade to leave one hour earlier. Must have been very tired cause I couldn't manage to get Friendly URL running with EPiServer 4.6 on Vista, even though I have managed to do it before. Well, this morning I solved i... [ Read full article ]

24 June 2008  0 Comments

Prepopulate fields when creating page

by: Erik Nordin

Made a joblisting about a month ago, the site I made it for is a globalized site with three different languages (so far). Every work ad needs a start- and a stop-publish date, and the work ad is first created in one language, then translated by so... [ Read full article ]

09 June 2008  0 Comments

Trouble loading virtual file with spaces

by: Erik Nordin

Had some trouble loading a vitrual file containing spaces. The problem was apperently that some characters were urlencoded, a simple Server.UrlDecode(CurrentPage["DocumentPath"]) solved the problem. [ Read full article ]

29 April 2008  0 Comments

Get LinkURL to another language

by: Erik Nordin

I've had some problem to link to a page to another language then the current language. Even though I have a PageData-object with anouther languagebranch, it stills makes a link to the current language. My own solution, building a url by... [ Read full article ]

29 April 2008  0 Comments

Get file size from a virtual file in EPiServer

by: Erik Nordin

VirtualFile file = System.Web.Hosting.HostingEnvironment.VirtualPathProvider.GetFile( CurrentPage["FilePath"].ToString() ); UnifiedFile f = file as UnifiedFile; return f.Length / 1024 + " kb"; [ Read full article ]

28 April 2008  0 Comments

New AppSettings/Dynamic List (one option) and AppSettingsMultiple/Dynamic list (Multiple options) in EPiServer CMS 5

by: Erik Nordin

The new properties AppSettings and AppSettingsMultiple in EPiServer CMS 5 is a pretty nice feature, but when yesterday when I tried to implement it, I had a hard time finding out how to do it. But finally I did. First of all, in edit mode,... [ Read full article ]

18 April 2008  0 Comments

Sort a pagedatacollection via property

by: Erik Nordin

new FilterPropertySort("PageName", FilterSortDirection.Descending).Filter(children); [ Read full article ]

25 March 2008  0 Comments

Filter pagedatacollection

by: Erik Nordin

In EPiServer.Filters there are some useful filters, like FilterPublished, FilterAccess etc. To use these filters, just do like this: new FilterPublished().Filter(somePageDataCollection); and it's done. [ Read full article ]

25 March 2008  0 Comments

Custom property - DropDown

by: Erik Nordin

Made my first customized property today, and because I loved it so much in 4.6, the ice breaker was a DropDown property that takes values from the help-text. Values in help text can be typed in two ways: "Shown text:value" or just "value" eg.... [ Read full article ]

06 March 2008  0 Comments

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