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Extending EPiServer Categories

by: Frederik Vig

The other day I asked a question on twitter Is there an easy way of getting all the selected categories from a sub-category in EPiServer for a page? If you use CurrentPage.Categories or (CategoryList)CurrentPage["MyCategoryProperty"], you’ll get a... [ Read full article ]

27 November 2009  0 Comments

Removing duplicates from a PageDataCollection

by: Frederik Vig

Today I had to remove duplicate pages from a PageDataCollection. I checked for a method that would help me with this in the SDK, but couldn’t find one. I then went to the Filters namespace to see if there was a filter for this, but no luck. I then... [ Read full article ]

27 November 2009  0 Comments

Flash and Flash Video EPiServer Dynamic Content

by: Frederik Vig

I’ve extended Allan Thræn’s Insert Flash elements in the Editor as Dynamic Content, to now use swfobject for a more standards-friendly way of embedding Flash. I’ve also added support for videos, by using Flowplayer, which is a popular Flash Video... [ Read full article ]

17 November 2009  0 Comments

Better breadcrumb trail

by: Frederik Vig

I often install the Public Templates when setting up a new EPiServer project. They contain some good code that I reuse in various parts of a new site. One thing that I’ve copied and modified is the code for the breadcrumb (breadcrumb.ascx). By... [ Read full article ]

14 November 2009  0 Comments

The SelectedTemplate and duplicate code

by: Frederik Vig

The SelectedTemplate is used in the MenuList and PageList EPiServer web controls. It is a template used for displaying selected items in navigation lists. This is a nice template to have, but sometimes it is an overkill to use it. Say when you onl... [ Read full article ]

11 November 2009  0 Comments

Specify your preferred external URL in EPiServer

by: Frederik Vig

Here’s a little SEO tip – search engines give you a penalty for having duplicate content. Duplicate content can be different urls going to the same content, eg: [ Read full article ]

07 November 2009  0 Comments

EPiCode.Extensions new EPiCode Community Project

by: Frederik Vig

I’m a huge fan of extension methods. In every project I have at least a couple of them. Always adding new ones. If you read other blogs you see that I’m not the only one. We all have a couple of classes with extension methods we use in our project... [ Read full article ]

01 November 2009  0 Comments

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