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EPiServer filter – part 1

by: Frederik Vig

Often we need to filter some of the pages in our PageDataCollection. Perhaps we wish to only show the pages that are published or that the user has access to. For this EPiServer has a few filter classes. Below you’ll find a some examples. More... [ Read full article ]

28 May 2009  0 Comments

Master Pages and EPiServer CurrentPage property

by: Frederik Vig

When you use user controls or web forms in your EPiServer web application you usually inherit from either UserControlBase or TemplatePage. Which gives you, among other things, the CurrentPage property. The problem is when you need the CurrentPage... [ Read full article ]

20 May 2009  0 Comments

EPiServer Link Collection Property

by: Frederik Vig

In EPiServer CMS 5 R2, EPiServer added a new property called the link collection. This property allows you to add links to web pages, documents and e-mail addresses. For a nice overview see this post: EPiServer 5 R2 and Link Collection property In... [ Read full article ]

18 May 2009  0 Comments

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