More small things in EPiServer CMS 6 R2

Just a list of small things noted while working with the latest release. Page Folder is not default for File Manager. Message change from “Save” to “Create page folder” when a page folder does not exist. Simple address fixed –... [ Read full article ]

26 May 2011  0 Comments

Issues with rendering in EPiServer preview-tab

I have noticed that several JavaScript features added to your Page Templates malfunction in the preview-tab in edit mode. It appears that it is a larger issue in Internet Explorer and most editors uses IE (because that is the only browser with a... [ Read full article ]

06 September 2010  0 Comments

EPiServer CMS with Facebook Open Graph

I just implemented support for the Open Graph protocol on an EPiServer CMS site to improve Facebook Share and Facebook Like. First thing noticed is that it looks that Facebook have problem with national characters like ÅÄÖ and other Unicode... [ Read full article ]

16 August 2010  0 Comments

How to fix alphabetic sorting of pages in EPiServer

I recently got the question how to fix the incorrect alphabetic sorting of child pages in EPiServer. It is usually Scandinavian users complaining that Å, Ä and Ö are sorted together with A and O instead of being at the end of the list. Sort order:... [ Read full article ]

15 April 2010  0 Comments

EPiServer CMS 6: SocketException with VPN

If you use new EPiServer CMS 6 and have a VPN tunnel open you may get an exception when starting your EPiServer site. SocketException (0x2747): An operation on a socket could not be performed because the system lacked sufficient buffer space or... [ Read full article ]

26 March 2010  0 Comments

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Fredrik have been European Developer Evangelist for CodeGear and also worked as senior consultant at Borland before joining Inexor.



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