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EPiServer Export, Import or Mirror Troubles?

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

I have been working a lot with migration and mirroring lately using EPiServer’s functions for export and import of data. My EPiServer Wish list Show call stack when exceptions halt export or import jobs Show PageID and Property related to errors a... [ Read full article ]

28 March 2008  0 Comments

EPiServer License violation!

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

Have you been annoyed by the exception “License violation! License is already in use at another online site” when you switch from one web site to another on you developer machine? I have and the reason is of course that I use my developer license... [ Read full article ]

27 March 2008  0 Comments

Available Page Types in EPiServer

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

It is a best practice to limit the number of Pages Types an editor can choose from when the editor creates a new page. As you probably know this is configured in Admin Mode on each Page Type. What you probably don’t think about is that these... [ Read full article ]

20 March 2008  0 Comments

Convert EPiServer Form to XForm

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

You must get rid of your Form-properties and convert them to EPiServer XForm before you can migrate them to EPiServer 5. You can easily identify all form-properties on you site with some SQL: SELECT pt.pkID AS PageTypeId, pt.Name as PageType,... [ Read full article ]

19 March 2008  0 Comments

Archive Page can create strange exceptions

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

If you export pages that have the Build-in property Archive Page set pointing to a page that is not included in your export package you will get an exception. At least if you are migrating from EPiServer 4 to 5.1. Use the following script if you... [ Read full article ]

17 March 2008  0 Comments

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