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Work with Unpublished PageData from code

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

Mari Jørgensen wrote about Breaking change in GetChildren() and I would like to share some of my findings when working with PageData from code when you want to use the built-in flow for publishing. As you might know a Page Version can have... [ Read full article ]

18 February 2009  0 Comments

EPiServer SEO: Reduce Duplicate Content Links

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

Google and other search engines does not like duplicate content. The reason is that the page’s reputation (or page rank) is calculated from incoming internal and external links. If you have more links leading to the same page the reputation will b... [ Read full article ]

15 February 2009  0 Comments

EPiServer Page Type usage report

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

Do you have a lot of page types in an EPiServer project and a gut feeling some of the are not used? Quite common if you migrate a project from EPiServer CMS 4 that are based on the EPiServerSample project or if you inherit a project based on one o... [ Read full article ]

09 February 2009  0 Comments

How to patch/fix/hack someone else’s assembly

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

Here is my recipe when I can see no workaround to a defect or other problem and want to get around it. This is not for the faint hearted and I do not recommend it for production! 1. Extract source code and patch code You need to use Roaders’... [ Read full article ]

06 February 2009  0 Comments

EPiServer log: More configuration tips

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

Nicklas Israelsson shared in his blog how you can exclude some name spaces from the EPiServer log to reduce the noise while debugging. A very useful tip! I would like to share how I use logging to collect exceptions (and debug info) in production.... [ Read full article ]

03 February 2009  0 Comments

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