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Raise your quality with easy http-protocol analysis

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

Both Fiddler (shown below) and Firebug can monitor Network traffic from your browser to web servers. I use it as a debugging tool all the time and could not live without it. Discover broken links to images, java scripts, etc in your pages Just... [ Read full article ]

15 June 2009  0 Comments

Move built-in property to another tab when editing

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

One of our customers required that we limited access to the Advanced Information tab in edit mode for normal editors. A reasonable requirement but how do you enable normal editors to adjust the sort order? The answer is to move these built-in... [ Read full article ]

08 June 2009  0 Comments

Are you safe? Dangers of XSS…

by: Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

If you allow the visitors of your site to contribute, for example with a simple comment this textbox, you take the risk that a malicious user inject evil code in a comment. This evil code is then executed in the browser by your sites’ ordinary... [ Read full article ]

03 June 2009  0 Comments

Fredrik Haglund ( Inexor )

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Fredrik works as Senior Consultant for Inexor. He is a specialist in development on the Windows platform. Fredrik has more than 13 years experience in development, as Senior Consultant and Trainer and has also extensive business software development experience, as well as time spent as an R&D Engineer.


Fredrik have been European Developer Evangelist for CodeGear and also worked as senior consultant at Borland before joining Inexor.



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