Blog entries posted during October 2008

Run this SQL.aspx

by: Fredrik Karlsson

A discussion on #EPiCode resulted in someone needed to run a SQL-script but they couldn't access the database. So heres an classic debug tool witch allows you to run some simple tsql statements and even get the result. Just remember to remove it... [ Read full article ]

07 October 2008  0 Comments

EPiServer and cache, not always a love story

by: Fredrik Karlsson

When you are working with some more backend stuff of EPiServer, you are never really sure if you load it from the database or from the cache. Here are a few examples. PageDefinitions When you want to load a PageDefinition, the normal way would be:... [ Read full article ]

06 October 2008  4 Comments

EPiServer Community licenses in Enterprise solutions

by: Fredrik Karlsson

Met a customer today. They are using EPiServer CMS and EPiServer Community on their sites. The sites all share a common code-base, they have an EPiServer Enterprise license and all the sites are in one common web.config. I.e it looks something lik... [ Read full article ]

01 October 2008  3 Comments

EPiTrace logger