Blog entries posted during September 2008

New module on EPiCode - QuickSearchExtender

by: Fredrik Karlsson

I have just added a new module on EPiCode, QuickSearchExtender. It allows you to extend EPiServer's quicksearch in the edit mode so you will get a menu to choose from on all the pages with a pagename that starts with your searchstring.   As you ca... [ Read full article ]

27 September 2008  2 Comments

Working with rules and categories for Extension functions

by: Fredrik Karlsson

I have just added two more articles on the Extension wiki and I thougt I might post the code and a short description here as well. Rules Rules are used in Extension to set whether or not you can add function in a Content area or not. Because if yo... [ Read full article ]

22 September 2008  0 Comments

Accessing ExtensionPageData from a static context

by: Fredrik Karlsson

Mari has a post on how to access CurrentPage from a static context, so I thought I might explain on how to do the same in Extension. It's actually quite easy. Since everything in Extension is EPiServer, you can pretty much do it the same way.... [ Read full article ]

16 September 2008  0 Comments

Implement your own httpCacheVaryByCustom method

by: Fredrik Karlsson

Enabling httpCache in EPiServer is very crucial to get maximum performance from your system. But sometimes you might want to get the cache to differ on something else then just query strings. A typical example is to give the user the possibility t... [ Read full article ]

10 September 2008  0 Comments

Logging in Extension/X3

by: Fredrik Karlsson

Just like in EPiServer, Extension logs most things that happens. And since Extension handles errors ina different way than EPiServer, logging in Extension can be a crusual part in your work developing for Extension. Just like EPiServer, Extension... [ Read full article ]

09 September 2008  0 Comments

A few quick performance fixes without changing the code

by: Fredrik Karlsson

There's a lot of performance tips out there. Most of them take some time to implement, and some can take days. And then there are these small ones you can do without much trouble at all. Here are a few tips you can specify in your web.config. Very... [ Read full article ]

03 September 2008  5 Comments

The story of WebAdmins, WebEditors (and their long lost brother WebReaders)

by: Fredrik Karlsson

In the beginning there was VBScript, classic asp and Windows script components. Back then, with EPiServer 2 and 3, there was no way of controlling user access by config-files but you had to rely on windows groups. For that reason, EPiServer invent... [ Read full article ]

02 September 2008  7 Comments

How to login to EPiServer for the first time

by: Fredrik Karlsson

This is a question I get from time to time when I'm out tutoring EPiServer for new developers. It's not rocket science, but it can still cause some confusion. So here it is, a short description on how to logon in EPiServer. You will probably get t... [ Read full article ]

02 September 2008  1 Comments

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