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Using EPiServer Custom Page Providers with Extension X3

by: Fredrik Karlsson

Since Custom page providers is the coolest in EPiServer since the first steps towards objects in EPiServer 3.40, I thought I would demonstrate a few ways of using Page Providers with Extension X3. Prerequisites First of, Page Providers is a new... [ Read full article ]

11 November 2008  1 Comments

Working with rules and categories for Extension functions

by: Fredrik Karlsson

I have just added two more articles on the Extension wiki and I thougt I might post the code and a short description here as well. Rules Rules are used in Extension to set whether or not you can add function in a Content area or not. Because if yo... [ Read full article ]

22 September 2008  0 Comments

Accessing ExtensionPageData from a static context

by: Fredrik Karlsson

Mari has a post on how to access CurrentPage from a static context, so I thought I might explain on how to do the same in Extension. It's actually quite easy. Since everything in Extension is EPiServer, you can pretty much do it the same way.... [ Read full article ]

16 September 2008  0 Comments

Logging in Extension/X3

by: Fredrik Karlsson

Just like in EPiServer, Extension logs most things that happens. And since Extension handles errors ina different way than EPiServer, logging in Extension can be a crusual part in your work developing for Extension. Just like EPiServer, Extension... [ Read full article ]

09 September 2008  0 Comments

EPiTrace logger