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JQuery Plugins with EPiServer Part 1

by: Jacob Khan

JQuery is an amazing open source ajax javascript library which makes your site a real treat to look at. I had previously used AjaxControlToolkit and I loved it, but when it comes to performance JQuery wins. For the amazing WikiX project we decided... [ Read full article ]

22 December 2008  0 Comments

404 to Search

by: Jacob Khan

The exception 404 means that a page could not be found or opened. There is an open source 404 handler for EPiServer CMS 4 on coderesort . Ted Nyberg has written a great blog post about it here . As Ted states the issue is often going from your... [ Read full article ]

01 September 2008  2 Comments

iPhone specific EPiServer website

by: Jacob Khan now has a specific layout for the iPhone. If you go on labs using your iPhone or iPod Touch the layout will be altered as a webapplication for the iPhone. The main feature of the iphone labs is the sliding effect inbetween... [ Read full article ]

20 August 2008  7 Comments

Simple search engine optimization for EPiServer

by: Jacob Khan

Search engine optimization is the practise of optimizing a site in order to get higher ranking on a search engine. The issue is often that steps to improve search engine ranking are done after the site is up and running. This blog post will go ove... [ Read full article ]

18 July 2008  2 Comments



by: Jacob Khan

This is the new and improved EPiGoogleSitemaps for CMS 5. This module makes it easy for search engines to index your site. A sitemap is generated showing what pages the site contains and when they last were changed. EPiGoogleSitemaps lets you... [ Read full article ]

17 June 2008  32 Comments

File upload in XForm

by: Jacob Khan

Hello, My name is Jacob Khan and I am the newly employed rookie researcher at EPiServer. One of my first projects was building a small EPiServer site in order to learn more about the partner experience of EPiServer. One feature of the site was tha... [ Read full article ]

13 June 2008  9 Comments

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