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Scheduled backup of your site

by: Jacob Khan

I wanted to make a tool that would help me backup my content. I decided to make a scheduled service that would export my content from EPiServer and put it with the code. I could then save it in the TFS with the code. After having a little chat wit... [ Read full article ]

25 August 2009  3 Comments

Am I in Edit or View mode

by: Jacob Khan

My first blog post as graduated will be a short one, but I promise more is coming. I recently got a question about how do you know if you are in Edit or Admin mode. Say you have a usercontrol that is used in both an Admin plugin and on a Template... [ Read full article ]

21 August 2009  5 Comments

Add validation to XForms textbox

by: Jacob Khan

  I recently came across a partner that needed to add custom validation in the Editor making it possible to validate for such things as emails ending with .dk are not allowed. After some failure in digging around I went to the back-end team and... [ Read full article ]

28 July 2009  4 Comments

WikiX update and Relate integration

by: Jacob Khan

WikiX is the open source Wiki solution based on EPiServer CMS. It is available on codeplex and our first beta release was made in December 2008. Allan Thraen has previously blogged about some of the features in WIkiX and so have I. Five months lat... [ Read full article ]

11 June 2009  2 Comments

Registered Download

by: Jacob Khan

Before we had a research site called On this site we had bloggers, our calendars and different projects. When people wanted to download our projects they had to register their email and we would send them a link to the... [ Read full article ]

18 May 2009  0 Comments

How to make your EPiServer site mobile

by: Jacob Khan

This is a question very suitable for almost everyone working with websites. But how do you do it. I would say you can spend a lot of time and money building special implementations for iPhone ( my blog ) and Android (soon) but what about all the... [ Read full article ]

08 April 2009  2 Comments

Internet Explorer 8

by: Jacob Khan

Now that Microsoft is releasing a stable version of IE8 I thought it was time we at EPiServer show how you can use some of the new features with the browser. A few things to check is the toolbar search using Wikipedia, in private browsing and the... [ Read full article ]

18 March 2009  2 Comments

TinyMce Adapter for EPiServer CMS

by: Jacob Khan

The EPiServer CMS editor is a great editor. It is easy to use, simple yet gives you all the complicated features it should. The only issue is that it doesn’t work for non IE browsers. I know that the dev team is working hard on a solution for r3 b... [ Read full article ]

20 February 2009  47 Comments

Search Engine Sitemaps

by: Jacob Khan

Another module has been added to our Open Source initiative. Search Engine Sitemaps is the old EPiGoogleSitemaps but now you can make your own changes that fits your needs. The project can be found on epicode . This module makes it easy for search... [ Read full article ]

30 January 2009  25 Comments

EPiServer CMS 5 R2 on Windows 7

by: Jacob Khan

This week Microsoft announced they would release a Beta of Windows 7 build 7000. Some had the privilege of getting Windows 7 build 6801 before everyone else when they went to PDC in October 2008. In order to run EPiServer CMS 5 R2 on a fresh Windo... [ Read full article ]

09 January 2009  8 Comments

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