Blog entries posted during May 2009

Client side performance optimization adventures with the CdnSupport module

by: Joel Abrahamsson

On the project that I’m currently working on we have been putting quite a lot of effort on client side performance in order to provide the best possible experience for the visitors. We have been using the rules in the Best Practices for Speeding U... [ Read full article ]

25 May 2009  2 Comments

A simple solution for custom 404 pages and permanent redirects

by: Joel Abrahamsson

Yesterday me and my colleague Henrik Kraft where working on the final touches before the release of a new site. The site we where working on is a new version of a site that has quite a few inbound links and quite a few pages with good rankings in... [ Read full article ]

21 May 2009  6 Comments

A Google Maps Location Property

by: Joel Abrahamsson

In one of the projects that I’m currently working on the editor should, on certain page types, be able to specify a location which is displayed as a marker on a Google Maps map when the page is rendered. The simplest solution from a technical... [ Read full article ]

03 May 2009  8 Comments

EPiTrace logger