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Page Type Builder 0.7 - Wrapping and enabling mocking of DataFactory

by: Joel Abrahamsson

Since I last wrote about the Page Type Builder project we have started to use it in a real project. That means that the Page Type Builder project has left the experiment phase and the quality demands are a lot higher. Therefore I’d like to rewrite... [ Read full article ]

28 June 2009  4 Comments

Page Type Builder version 0.6

by: Joel Abrahamsson

Another week has passed and I have found some time to make some furtherimprovements to the Page Type Builder project which I’ve previously written about here and here . The project, which is now at version 0.6, can be downloaded here . The... [ Read full article ]

14 June 2009  1 Comments

Strongly typed property access and page type inheritance - again

by: Joel Abrahamsson

There has been quite a lot of talk about strongly typed property access lately. There has also been a few very interesting blog posts about how to achieve both strongly typed property access and page type inheritance. Fredrik Tjärnberg has develop... [ Read full article ]

01 June 2009  12 Comments

A simple solution for custom 404 pages and permanent redirects

by: Joel Abrahamsson

Yesterday me and my colleague Henrik Kraft where working on the final touches before the release of a new site. The site we where working on is a new version of a site that has quite a few inbound links and quite a few pages with good rankings in... [ Read full article ]

21 May 2009  6 Comments

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