Blog entries posted during 2007

Enum.Parse() is quite useful

by: Johan Olofsson

I sometimes write code that needs to parse user given arguments, for example through settings in configuration files, parameters given on the command line et.c. The usual way I've dealt with them is to simply perform a bunch of string compares in ... [ Read full article ]

18 December 2007  2 Comments

Some EPiServerProfile oddities...

by: Johan Olofsson

When building my custom profileprovider, I needed a debugpage to iterate over all properties defined in the profile, and thus used the below code: 1: foreach ( SettingsProperty property in EPiServerProfile.Current.Properties) 2: { 3: SettingsPrope... [ Read full article ]

12 December 2007  0 Comments

ProfileProvider performance issues - followup!

by: Johan Olofsson

Doing some more digging into this, I found that this situation only happens when using EPiServer CMS5s WindowsMembershipProvider, and peeking inside it's implementation of GetUser() turns out that it calls into the Profile Provider to get at the... [ Read full article ]

11 December 2007  2 Comments

ProfileProvider performance issues??

by: Johan Olofsson

When developing a custom Asp.Net profile provider for the CRMConnector project, I came to notice that the provider's implementation of GetPropertyValues() might be called upto as many as four times for one single web request(!) For example, when... [ Read full article ]

10 December 2007  0 Comments

Parsing Active Directory Connection Strings

by: Johan Olofsson

Today I had the need to parse an Active Directory connection string ( LDAP://server/CN=Users,DC=EPiServer,DC=Com ) into its various parts and found the little nifty interface IAdsPathName which does exactly this. By using COM-interop this can be... [ Read full article ]

04 December 2007  0 Comments


"Impersonating users"

by: Johan Olofsson

I sometimes need to run code, especially EPiServer page retrieving/submitting, within a specific user's context, preferrably without having to log them in (and thus having to know and store their password) One approach to this might look something... [ Read full article ]

29 November 2007  2 Comments

PageTreeLoader / PageTreeReader is gone

by: Johan Olofsson

If you (like me) have been using the nifty functions PageTreeLoader / PageTreeReader to load complete hierarchies of pages in EPiServer 4.x, you'll notice that these functions are now gone in EPiServer CMS5 and that EPiServer.Legacy4 suggests that... [ Read full article ]

29 November 2007  1 Comments

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