Blog entries posted during 2008

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"

by: Johan Olofsson

Or “EPiServer.PageScripts – An easy way to manage client side scripts in EPiServer“ Ok, so you’ve probably all seen (and possibly been annoyed by) the cute little snowflakes that silently fall all over our site by now, and you might have wondered... [ Read full article ]

19 December 2008  0 Comments

PDC08: Concurrency Analysis Platform and Tools

by: Johan Olofsson

for finding concurrency bugs.   One of todays hightlights was a really interesting talk by Microsoft Research about their upcoming tool CHESS , which builds on a new Concurrency Analysis Platform (CAP). The tool is aimed at helping the developer t... [ Read full article ]

29 October 2008  0 Comments


Silently migrating users from EPiServer 4.x to CMS 5

by: Johan Olofsson

This is an effort to work around the problem with migrating EPiServer 4.x users to the new Membership/Role-provider architecture used by EPiServer CMS5 without having to reset all the users passwords. (Passwords are stored as a calculated hashed... [ Read full article ]

06 October 2008  3 Comments

StickyTabs for EPiServerCMS5

by: Johan Olofsson

Or: “an exercise in hacking EPiServers Edit mode!”   I’ve always found it a little awkward having to do repetitive tasks spanning more than one page in EPiServer’s Edit mode as the selected tab is reset to the default “View” tab when I click on a... [ Read full article ]

23 September 2008  4 Comments

Some ActiveDirectoryRoleProvider issues

by: Johan Olofsson

There has recently poppep up some issues/questions related to the ActiveDirectoryRoleProvider that we made available for download (including sources), and as I have been somewhat involved in investigating them I thought I should share the results ... [ Read full article ]

18 September 2008  6 Comments

Providing simple "metadata" for Properties

by: Johan Olofsson

Have you ever found the need for being able to specify metadata for EPiServer Property's? For example as in my current situation, developing code that interacts with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, being able to specify what "entity" (Contact, Account,... [ Read full article ]

12 September 2008  1 Comments

Friendly URL with no rebasing

by: Johan Olofsson

I got a question regarding EPiServer CMS friendly url rewriting about wether it is possible to make the rewritten url's relative to the site's root rather than the context of the requested page. If you look at the html source for a page rendered b... [ Read full article ]

01 July 2008  2 Comments

Hack: Faking HttpContext under EPiServer CMS5

by: Johan Olofsson

In my previous posts, I showed how one can "fake" a web request by creating a HttpContext and then assign it to the writeable property HttpContext.Current. Now, there is a problem using this approach under the original release of EPiServer CMS5,... [ Read full article ]

23 June 2008  5 Comments

Hack: Getting the html from a PageData in EPiServer CMS5 Part2

by: Johan Olofsson

Ok, as you found out if you tried to use the html that was generated using the code in the previous post, you'd notice that all links were rendered in the good ol "classic" style: "templates/page.aspx?id=3&language=en" So, how can we fix that when... [ Read full article ]

18 June 2008  0 Comments

Hack: Getting the html from a PageData in EPiServer CMS5

by: Johan Olofsson

I've gotten some requests for sample code showing how to get the resulting html for a EPiServer PageData so I thought I would share some ideas I had around this. The question is: "I have got a PageData instance. Now how can I (server side) get the... [ Read full article ]

18 June 2008  13 Comments

EPiServer PlugIns in one single dll

by: Johan Olofsson

I have written numerous Edit/Admin-mode plugins for EPiServer CMS over the years, and it has somewhat intruiged me that plugin-framework requires an .ascx (or .aspx) to be available. PlugIns thus have to consist of several files besides the assemb... [ Read full article ]

12 June 2008  4 Comments

WinDBG+SOS: Getting at the values in a DataTable - followup

by: Johan Olofsson

In my previous post I showed how I retrieved the values in a DataTable using a bunch of WinDBG commands. As this is quite tedious, I hacked up a little WinDBG-script which automates this a little bit: 1: . foreach ( value { ! do poi(poi(poi(poi(po... [ Read full article ]

19 March 2008  0 Comments

WinDBG+SOS: Getting at the values in a DataTable

by: Johan Olofsson

I have been doing some memorydump debugging using WinDBG and SOS lately, and at one time I needed to dump all values for a column in a DataTable. I started by executing !do on the address of the DataTable (in my case 0x0a8cdaa8), and this gave me... [ Read full article ]

19 March 2008  1 Comments

Profile: Removing inheritsFrom="EPiServerProfile"

by: Johan Olofsson

As per EPiServerCMS5 SP1 the dependency for the Profile to inherit from EPiServerProfile has been removed and one can now completely define the profile properties in the web.config. However, there are some needed properties in order for the... [ Read full article ]

04 March 2008  0 Comments

Doing paged searches using System.DirectoryServices.Protocols

by: Johan Olofsson

Problem: Error "The server does not support the control. The control is critical" is returned when trying to do paged searches using System.DirectoryServices.Protocols, for example using the code below: 1: SearchRequest request = new SearchRequest... [ Read full article ]

18 February 2008  8 Comments

EPiServer4 under IIS7 - "missing css syndrome"?

by: Johan Olofsson

If youre experiencing the somewhat classic "missing css syndrome" (Fig1 below) when entering Edit/Admin-mode in EPiServer4. sites runnning under IIS7, make sure that You have enabled custom error pages (Fig 2 below) to be returned instead of the... [ Read full article ]

14 February 2008  1 Comments

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