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A typechanging ToArray()

by: Johan Olofsson

In my last post, Joining Strings , I showed how a small extension to the IEnumerable<T> type can come in handy to ease the task of joining a string together from an enumerations of complex types. Another little nifty trick is to define a universal... [ Read full article ]

12 June 2009  1 Comments

Joining strings

by: Johan Olofsson

I often face a situation where I want to “join” a string together using some separator, but have an enumeration of complex items. Say for example that I have an array of Contacts, each consisting of a firstname and a lastname, something like this:... [ Read full article ]

11 June 2009  2 Comments

Generating Excel reports

by: Johan Olofsson

I guess that we all have had to create some Excel files for doing reports from a web page at one time or another, and one quite common approach is to simply render the data as comma/tab-separated text and then specify some appropriate Response... [ Read full article ]

11 February 2009  2 Comments

EPiTrace logger