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Creating Custom Error Pages in EPiServer CMS 5

by: LBi

I’ve seen many approaches to the common task of configuring an EPiServer site to use custom error pages, but none of them have satisfied my requirements. Here are some you may like to check out: [ Read full article ]

17 September 2009  6 Comments

Introducing EPiSolr

by: LBi

Introduction At LBi we build web sites in a wide range of platforms and technologies. For many .Net sites which have a content management element we find EPiServer is a great and cost effective framework. Increasingly web sites are becoming more... [ Read full article ]

08 July 2009  4 Comments

Trapping Page Expiration

by: LBi

The release of EPiServer CMS 5 earlier this year brought with it a range of additional events that developers can utilize to hook into both the page publication and file publication life cycle, giving much more flexibility and control to extend... [ Read full article ]

05 November 2008  5 Comments

International Site Rollout Tools

by: LBi

Here at LBi, we've been rolling out many multi-region and multi-language EPiServer sites. The last few months have seen Sony SingStar (23 regions with 13 languages), Red Bull Racing (English, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese), F1... [ Read full article ]

18 August 2008  2 Comments



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LBi's market leadership is based on our ability to bring together a series of disciplines. By linking marketing and communications across all digital touch points, our approach helps strengthen the position, efficiency and market share of our clients.

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