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Validation of property values

by: Linus Ekström

One question that I have got several times is where to do input validation for your custom property since the property architecture in EPiServer CMS 5 requires both class that handles the data and a class that is responsible for the visual... [ Read full article ]

30 October 2008  5 Comments

Inserting XForms as dynamic content

by: Linus Ekström

With the introduction of dynamic content in EPiServer CMS 5 comes a lot of new posibilities for the editors to make the page more dynamic. One sample that we shipped with the R2 release was the page property plugin. This makes it possible to inser... [ Read full article ]

30 October 2008  1 Comments

Client side news in ASP.NET 4.0

by: Linus Ekström

Client side databinding With ASP.NET 4.0 you will have a lot more support to fetch data with ajax calls and update the page without having to write a lot of javascript. One demo showed a page that called a service that returned json objects. The... [ Read full article ]

29 October 2008  2 Comments


News in IE8

by: Linus Ekström

Hi! Here comes a little report from the pre-conferance day at the PDC regarding the news in IE 8. I went to a session regarding the new rendering engine in IE8 (although it covered a bit more about IE8 in general). It seem like the IE team have pu... [ Read full article ]

29 October 2008  0 Comments

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