VPP Filtering

If you never heard of it before you can probably stop reading now. If you use it, please let me know. I want to remove this feature since it I cannot see that it solves any real-life problems, but you might prove me wrong. What is it? It is a small feature that can be used to filter the results from calls to GetDirectory / GetFile API:s in EPiServers VPP implementations. The reason that it exists VPP filtering was implemented to support File object store, a feature that was pulled from the... [ Read full article ]

18 September 2009  1 Comments

EPiServer Initialization and "Application is busy under initialization phase"

The problem Since way back, EPiServer has protected its initrialization code with a lock to make sure that it only gets executed once by a single thread. Unfortunately this has been causing problems, especially on high-traffic sites. The reason is that if the app domais is restarted, a lot of requests can get queued during execution of the init code and in some cases the site will simply be busy with queuing requests and make very little progress with the actual initialization. The solution,... [ Read full article ]

27 April 2009  2 Comments

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