The latest news from .Net world (September 2009)

On the very last meeting of Poznan .Net User Group I had a great pleasure to give 15 minutes talk about the latest news from .Net world. Picking the most interesting news isn't a trivial task. In the end I've decided to mention about following thr... [ Read full article ]

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Custom styles in Rich Text Editor (part II)

It wasn't so long ago when I posted ' How to define custom styles in EPiServer's Rich Text Editor '. A few days ago I was following my own instructions to set up my custom styles and for absolutely peculiar reason Rich Text Editor didn't want to... [ Read full article ]

16 September 2009  0 Comments


Moving beyond the Scrum

I used to be a firm supporter of Scrum process. I was deeply convinced that Scrum's approach makes total sense and is the right one. My impressionable attitude has changed with time. Now I see that "pure" Scrum is a quite rigid process which not... [ Read full article ]

07 September 2009  0 Comments

How to display Dynamic Content without Property control

Recently I was investigating EPiServer's Dynamic Content a bit. General impression is very positive, Dynamic Content is a great feature. From developer's point of view it's fairly easy to develop custom Dynamic Content, everything works like charm... [ Read full article ]

01 September 2009  0 Comments


EPiServer Composer - How to load content functions defined on a different page

This in another example of interesting EPiServer Composer (version 3.2.5) use case - on homepage there is a content area called "Bottom Area" which contains number of content functions. I want to display this whole content area on other arbitrary... [ Read full article ]

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I work for Cognifide as a software developer. Currently I’m a member of the team specializing in EPiServer based solutions. My technical interests are mainly related to the server-side architecture of data and business layers. Other area which I really enjoy are Web 2.0 related technologies like Silverlight and AJAX.

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