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ASP.NET and JQuery = powerful combination

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

Over last few years number of interesting JavaScript frameworks emerged. My reaction to JavaScript used to be quite allergic, for me there was no such thing like a maintainable JavaScript code. But apparently things have changed drastically. At th... [ Read full article ]

31 August 2008  0 Comments

Scrum - why extending sprint (iteration) length is usually not a good idea

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

I have to admit -- I'm a big fan of short iterations and I have plenty of reasons for it! But what does short mean? In most cases 2 week iteration is a good start. You should consider shorter iterations only if rule of having at least four, five... [ Read full article ]

23 August 2008  0 Comments


EPiServer, MultipageProperty -- don't use SelectedPages property!

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

I don't know how it works for you, but I can't imagine life without MulipageProperty. I use it in most of our projects and that is great because I love flexibility which it offers. Recently while checking MulitpageProperty source code I found... [ Read full article ]

17 August 2008  0 Comments

Mary Poppendieck -- The role of leadership in software development

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

Recently I keep finding lots of interesting stuff about team management. This time talk of Mary Poppendieck “The role of leadership In software development” came to my attention. I found it on Google's Tech Talks Channel. But what is it all about?... [ Read full article ]

10 August 2008  0 Comments

ASP.NET Web Application debugging and timeouts

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

While developing web applications it's absolutely normal that at some point it's necessary to debug a code to check variable's value, execution flow for some weird input data and so on. Before running application in debug mode Visual Studio will... [ Read full article ]

06 August 2008  0 Comments

Power of the Retrospective

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

After over a year developing a number of EPiServer projects we finally managed to get everyone in one room and do the retrospective. It was great to realize that actually EPiServer team is not so small anymore and that the people did lots of cool... [ Read full article ]

05 August 2008  0 Comments

Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

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