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Single point estimates are meaningless

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

How useful is statement "We estimated that project X will take 6 months"? What does it exactly tell you? Does it mean that you can be sure that the project will take 6 months? It's obvious that you can't be sure of that ... so if you were to sign ... [ Read full article ]

21 January 2009  0 Comments

Diagnostic Console and Regular Expressions

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

In my last post I have introduced a Diagnostic Console plugin for EPiServer. Today I would like to show you one more example how it can be used with regular expressions to scan pages for some data. In this example I want to find all images which a... [ Read full article ]

19 January 2009  0 Comments

Ultimate diagnostic tool for EPiServer

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

Recently I have written yet another admin plugin for EPiServer. The sole purpose of this plugin is to help developers finding pages, properties or to enable execution of some small scripts. Of course there are lots of diagnostic plugins for... [ Read full article ]

15 January 2009  0 Comments

Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

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I work for Cognifide as a software developer. Currently I’m a member of the team specializing in EPiServer based solutions. My technical interests are mainly related to the server-side architecture of data and business layers. Other area which I really enjoy are Web 2.0 related technologies like Silverlight and AJAX.

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