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TDD with EPiServer

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

During the last Demo Day (conference organized by Cognifide every 3-4 months) I had a chance to talk about Test Driven Development in EPiServer projects. In this post I would like to recap main points of my presentation. Obstacles on the way to TD... [ Read full article ]

26 March 2009  0 Comments


Validation of NHibernate Entities

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

Recently I was reading Billy McCafferty's post " A Few NHibernate Tips " and one point there, related to mapping files, was particularly interesting for me: Don’t bother including database meta data (e.g., column length) in mapping files unless... [ Read full article ]

11 March 2009  0 Comments


Fluent NHibernate and Inheritance Mapping

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

While exploring the AdventureWorks database I have found an interesting case where inheritance mapping has to be used. In this post I would like to show how it can be neatly mapped with Fluent NHibernate . Lets start with database schema: There ar... [ Read full article ]

09 March 2009  0 Comments


EPiServer Search with VirtualPathVersioningProvider

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

EPiServer out of the box provides versioning file system handled by VirtualPathVersioningProvider. In this post I would like to show you step by step how to enable search for this provider.Step 1 - Make sure that you are using VirtualPathVersionin... [ Read full article ]

05 March 2009  0 Comments


DefaultButton - Deal with users hitting ENTER on your forms

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

Developers tend to assume that users will be always clicking on the buttons to submit forms. Is it a valid assumption? Unfortunately not always ... the simplest example can be quick search, a common component on many sites.What if user simply hit... [ Read full article ]

03 March 2009  0 Comments

Coding buddy - Interesting approach to Code Review

by: Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

How often do you ask your peers to review your code? If not very often then here is an idea for you - find a coding buddy! The buddy system can be implemented in 2 simple steps. But firstly, here is the idea behind the buddy system:Individuals can... [ Read full article ]

01 March 2009  0 Comments

Marek Blotny ( Cognifide )

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