Searching for files in EPiServer CMS 5

Having trouble finding your uploaded files when searching from the File Manager inside EPiServer? Well, here is a quick guide on how you should set it up. Type of files To support search of Office 2007 or pdf files, you need to install the Microsoft Filter Pack and the Adobe PDF IFilter on your... [ Read full article ]

22 November 2009  12 Comments

Extending User Search to Support FirstName and LastName

  Since the introduction of EPiServer CMS 5, the ASP.NET membership, role and personalization provider model have replaced the standard v.4 EPiServer user. ASP.NET 2.0 provides a profile system where websites can store user specific information, but this profile system doesn't provide a means by... [ Read full article ]

10 October 2009  0 Comments

New Module available on EPiCode

  I’ve created a module that will  ease the work related to migrating custom property types when you migrate from EPiServer CMS 4 to CMS 5. When migrating your 4.62 database the Migration Tool manages conversion of custom properties. The tool creates a skeleton for the property and changes the na... [ Read full article ]

15 May 2009  0 Comments

Google Static Map As Dynamic Content

  A new module for creating Google maps using dynamic content is now available on the EPiCode project.  The module enables you to insert static Google maps by specifying an address. The Google Static Maps API lets you embed a Google Maps image on your webpage without requiring JavaScript or any... [ Read full article ]

05 March 2009  8 Comments

Breaking change in GetChildren()

Let’s say that you need to get hold of all child pages of a certain parent in the EPiServer tree (and by ‘all’ I mean also those not published). With some knowledge of the API, you would quickly assume that the GetChildren method would be the way to go. The breaking change Prior to EPiServer CMS ... [ Read full article ]

17 February 2009  8 Comments

Cache information in R2

  I just noticed a new and quite neat feature in R2: In admin mode (admin/default.aspx) you now get separate cache information for each Page Provider. Here is a screenshot of my local site where I have the UKTop40 PageProvider installed. If you look closely you might notice that there is somethin... [ Read full article ]

15 October 2008  0 Comments

Using Ajax in EPiServer CMS 5

  Here is a short description of  the minimal steps necessary in order to use Ajax in your EPiServer CMS 5 project. Note that in this case the Ajax controls where used in a custom property with no WebServices involved , i.e I haven't tested any possible issues related to the FriendlyUrlProvider... [ Read full article ]

09 July 2008  3 Comments

Overriding subscription email formatting

  The SubscriptionMail class in the EPiServer.Personalization namespace is the default subscription handler in EPiServer CMS 5. Being a bit curious to how EPiServer generated the content of the subscription emails, I used .NET Reflector to investigate the content of the SubscriptionMail class. Fo... [ Read full article ]

21 May 2008  3 Comments

Module Packaging

  If you have installed the new demo package available on EPiServer World, you have already used the new module installation feature in the EPiServer CMS Manager. This feature is rather new, and IMHO one of the coolest things in EPiServer CMS 5. You need the latest version of the EPiServer CMS... [ Read full article ]

21 April 2008  6 Comments

Replacing Property Rendering Using Adapters

  My colleague, Steve, wrote an excellent post on how the new property architecture in CMS 5 allows us take control of the property rendering . This post is a followup, illustrating the same example as Steve did, but this time using Controls Adapters. EPiServer has a base class called... [ Read full article ]

02 March 2008  10 Comments

EPiServer CMS 5 SP1 - Hotfix 1 is available

  A lot of you Norwegian developers (and editors) are probably aware of the bug referred to as "the norwegian date problem", officially known as #8099 - Error while parsing a date in Norwegian format. If you have selected Norwegian as your user language and try to copy and paste a page that has... [ Read full article ]

21 February 2008  2 Comments

Reflect user language in custom properties and plugins

  If you are creating custom properties and plugins, you propably want your labels and text to reflect the language that the user has selected as his/hers personal language.   This can be solved by using a custom Translate method similar to this: public static string Translate  ( string langKey )... [ Read full article ]

13 February 2008  0 Comments

Upgrading Your CMS Site

  Now that EPiServer SP1 is available, you might want to use the EPiServer CMS Manager to upgrade your site. Keeping that in mind, here is something nice to know. When upgrading you might recieve this error message: 1. In the sites bin folder, check which version of EPiServer.Configuration.dll yo... [ Read full article ]

22 January 2008  0 Comments

Hiding Category Tab

  Ever wanted to hide the default Categories tab in editmode? Well, with EPiServer CMS 5 and the EditPanel LoadPage event, you can! public class Global : EPiServer. Global { protected void Application_Start( Object sender, EventArgs e) { EPiServer.UI.Edit. EditPanel .LoadedPage += new... [ Read full article ]

18 January 2008  7 Comments

Configuring Enterprise Sites

The other day I was setting up my first EPiServer CMS 5 Enterprise site, using the following technical note as a guide. I had some trouble getting *internal links to work - *internal meaning links within the same EPiServer database, but on another site. Take the scenario of a solution with 6 site... [ Read full article ]

15 January 2008  4 Comments

Lessons learned: Module Conversion

Last week I spendt a lot of hours converting one of the EPiCode modules (the MultiPageProperty ) to EPiServer CMS 5. Here are some of the lessons I learned.  References First step is replacing EPiServer  references. Note that we will need 3 EPiServer references (while only EPiServer.dll in 4.6x):... [ Read full article ]

30 November 2007  1 Comments

EPiTrace logger