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Extending User Search to Support FirstName and LastName

by: Mari Jørgensen

  Since the introduction of EPiServer CMS 5, the ASP.NET membership, role and personalization provider model have replaced the standard v.4 EPiServer user. ASP.NET 2.0 provides a profile system where websites can store user specific information, b... [ Read full article ]

10 October 2009  0 Comments

Google Static Map As Dynamic Content

by: Mari Jørgensen

  A new module for creating Google maps using dynamic content is now available on the EPiCode project.  The module enables you to insert static Google maps by specifying an address. The Google Static Maps API lets you embed a Google Maps image on... [ Read full article ]

05 March 2009  8 Comments

Cache information in R2

by: Mari Jørgensen

  I just noticed a new and quite neat feature in R2: In admin mode (admin/default.aspx) you now get separate cache information for each Page Provider. Here is a screenshot of my local site where I have the UKTop40 PageProvider installed. If you lo... [ Read full article ]

15 October 2008  0 Comments

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