Blog entries posted during December 2007

Release party

by: Martin Stenke ( DropIT )

Are you an EPiServer partner? EPiServer customer? Or just interested in content management in general? Then you are welcome to join the Extension X3 release. The party will take place December 19:th at Porslinsfabriken, Rörstrandsgatan 33. The gat... [ Read full article ]

11 December 2007  0 Comments

X3 RC1

by: Martin Stenke ( DropIT )

Extension is now in RC1, and the first partners and clients have started using it. We hope to get some good comments and useful feedback. The official release date is now set to december 19, and we will post an invitation to the release party on... [ Read full article ]

08 December 2007  0 Comments

X3+Star Community 3?

by: Martin Stenke ( DropIT )

Tonight, we´ve gathered some of the most experienced developers to make a quick evaluation on integrating X3 and Star Community. We truly believe that the combination has the potential to be a killer app. Drag & drop community out of the box - is ... [ Read full article ]

04 December 2007  0 Comments

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