Blog entries posted during November 2007

X3 at The Oscars

by: Martin Stenke ( DropIT )

Around 200 EpiServer users gathered at The Oscars Theatre in Stockholm to listen to various lecturers, talking about solutions and trends in and around EPiServer websites. As you might have guessed I was one of them. Had some troubles with the... [ Read full article ]

28 November 2007  0 Comments

X3 in The Hague

by: Martin Stenke ( DropIT )

Some of us in the product team just spent three days in The Netherlands. It´s quite fun to see the word of Extension X3 spreading through Europe. This time we met with both a potential customer and one of the EPiServer partners. Hopefully we... [ Read full article ]

19 November 2007  0 Comments

The first CMS5/X3 projects has started!

by: Martin Stenke ( DropIT )

CMS5 was recently released, X3 is in beta2, but the first three projects are already running! I think that shows the strength of the platform.  When the sites using our products go live, we will publish the links on [ Read full article ]

08 November 2007  0 Comments

Support system

by: Martin Stenke ( DropIT )

The new helpdesk for our product support is up and running. We will now create the integration with to make it available through a simplified GUI, adapted to the design. [ Read full article ]

07 November 2007  0 Comments

The hard work´s just started…

by: Martin Stenke ( DropIT )

The product´s website is up and running. And yes, using technology only in beta2 we do have several bugs left to fix. But please, bare with us, this will be good in the end. Toghether with some really interesting products and code packages, this... [ Read full article ]

05 November 2007  0 Comments

Ok Jesper, I think we´re up and running!

by: Martin Stenke ( DropIT )

We promised to release a first version of today, so I guess it´s time to call Doan and ask him to remove the login. There are still a lot to add to the site, but you´ll get the picture i hope. And Rebecka, be prepared to take the... [ Read full article ]

02 November 2007  0 Comments

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