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The EMVP family is growing

by: Mats Hellström

The EMVP board had a meeting last Friday and we came to the unanimous decision that Anders Hattestad has earned the EMVP status through his brilliant blog posts, where he has shared his discoveries in the EPiServer Code Wonderland. Just a subtle... [ Read full article ]

02 December 2008  2 Comments


A New EMVP on the Block

by: Mats Hellström

I’m extremely glad to announce a new EMVP on the block, Eric Nordin from Ottoboni Group. As a frequent forum cowboy on EPiServer World , Erik has been helping quite a lot of the EPiServer developers out there. I would also recommend his blog... [ Read full article ]

26 September 2008  0 Comments


And the Winners are...

by: Mats Hellström

As the newly elected chairman of the EMVP (EPiServer Most Valued Professionals) board, I am happy to announce the first group of EMVPs among all the great EPiServer developers out there. We have monitored the EPiServer blogosphere and the develope... [ Read full article ]

28 March 2008  0 Comments


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