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There has been an addition to the EMVP family

by: Mats Hellström

I just came out from the latest meeting in the EMVP board and this time the choice was very easy. We have unanimously selected Joel Abrahamsson from Nansen to be the next EMVP. Joel has put a lot of effort in to his contributions to the EPiServer... [ Read full article ]

26 June 2009  3 Comments


Aggregating Feeds

by: Mats Hellström

I played around with the SyndicationFeed the other day and found that it was really useful in combination with the link collection property in EPiServer CMS. By using the trusty old friend LINQ you can aggregate the feeds, sort them and databind t... [ Read full article ]

12 June 2009  0 Comments

The Web just got a little bit more Semantic

by: Mats Hellström

I got invited by the IKS-project in Salzburg to participate in their Requirements Workshop. So I went there last week with my friend and colleague Jacob Khan for two days packed with information. There were more than 50 other CMS systems present a... [ Read full article ]

02 June 2009  0 Comments

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